Our Kickstarter campaign wasn’t even up for a week and we have already passed our goal! Thank you, thank you, thank you, to everyone who donated. The money will go towards helping us fund our national tour. Oh yeah… did we mention we’re going on a national tour this summer?! We are very excited about it. Click on the “Show” link above to see where we’ll be playing and keep checking back for new dates. For those who donated to our Kickstarter, we can’t wait to start writing your songs, making your custom CD’s and sending you your gifts. For those who have thought about donating, we hope you will still consider. The tour isn’t entirely covered yet and all additional funds will go towards the trip and buying new merch to sell on the road (which we are in desperate need of). If you’re thinking about donating, or simply just want to check out the campaign and see what the tour is all about, visit our Kickstarter page here. More importantly, we hope to see you out at one of our shows ! Seriously folks, we’re going to give this guy a run for his money this summer. Perhaps we need to start working on a new summer anthem. Hmmmm…

Our Kickstarter…


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